• Review of Burning Cherry HD Slot

    Review of Burning Cherry HD Slot for Online Casino Players

    Burning Cherry HD is a very basic slot game. The game harks back to the olden days of slots were the reels were mechanical and there were no such things as extras or wilds or bonus games or free spins. Burning Cherry HD does run over five reels and have a varied staking system that offers twenty five different staking options. This gives the game enough variety to attract not only seasoned players, but some beginners too. Players can choose to play between one and five lines with a line bet of between 0.1 and 2.0. Retro Graphics Burning Cherry HD slots on the internet is designed to remind you…

  • Firestorm Slot at Online Casino

    Play Firestorm Slot at Online Casino with Guide

    Firestorm, created by QuickSpin studios, is an online slots game featuring professional graphics, amazing sound and a highly entertaining design. Upon beginning a game the player must make an initial bet, deciding to make a wager on one to twenty five lines. Betting on more lines requires a larger initial bet, but grants more chances to win. After the bet is placed the reels are spun, and if stopping with winning sequences showing, payouts are made. If any bonus icons are matched, massive jackpot wins can be achieved. Note that this game can be played on mobile phone, desktop computer and tablet. You may also select to play for free…

  • Casino

    Genies Touch Slot Details for Online Casino Players

    Genies Touch, by QuickSpin, is an online casino slot machine game. It features a five reel, twenty line play system, plus a well executed Arabian theme, strongly reminiscent of Aladdin. The player must make an initial bet, then spin the reels in hopes of creating matching sequences. These sequences, from left to right, will payout, depending on the icons matched. The player may also select how many lines to bet on, with the higher the lines meaning more chances of winning, but also a larger up front bet. Don’t forget that some bonus and special feature icons mean major payouts if matched in a sequence. Play for Free or to…

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    Kingdom Of The Titans Online Slot Guide for Players

    Kingdom of the Titans slot by Williams Interactive offers the player five reels and thirty paylines. Kingdom of Titans is a cartoon style online slots game with a comic book emphasis. The game utilises bright colours and strong comic characters to set an epic mood in this mythology based slot game. Behind the reels, the player will see a striking blue background covered in very small mosaic tiles. In front of these tiles are two large, golden, Greek pillars. The pillars tie back to the mythology theme of this slot game. They are drawn in the same comic book style as the rest of the artwork. The reel itself is…

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    Kronos Online Slot Basics and Guide

    Kronos slot by Williams Interactive is set up with five reels and thirty paylines Kronos, husband to Rhea and father of Hades, Demeter, Hera, Poseidon, Zeus, and Hestia was one of the leader of the 1st generation of Titans in Greek mythology. He was told by Uranus and Gaia that he would be overthrown by one of his offspring, so he devoured them all at birth. He feared this mutiny because he himself had overthrown his own father to rule his fellow Titans during the Golden Age of mythology.  The prophecy eventually came true when he was tricked into thinking he had eaten his newest born son Zeus but had…

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    Know about the Basics of China River Online Slot

    China River is an online slot game and has 5 reels and 30 paylines.  This game was developed by Bally Technologies and has wild symbols, free spins and mystery-stacked symbols.  China River is compatible with both Windows and Mac.  Music plays in the background during the game. How to Play China River has an auto spin feature that allows players to spin between 5 and 25 automatic spins.  Using this feature is free and players can use it as many times as they want. The win meter displays the win for each spin and the cash meter displays the amount that is available to bet with.  There is an information…

  • Review of Golden Ticket Slot

    Review of Golden Ticket Online Casino Slot

    Golden Ticket is an online slot machine game, created by Play N Go studios. It is most notable for its highly professional and unique visual design, combined with an immersive ambient sound design. The theme of the game is an old fashioned carnival, with the symbols of the game designed to reflect aspects of this well known setting. Each symbol is lovingly drawn by hand, and few games can boast as rich a spectacle for the player in terms of basic eye candy. Plus, as the player progresses through the game one of the main characters appears on the right of the play area, fully animated and reacting to the…