Genies Touch Slot Details for Online Casino Players

Genies Touch, by QuickSpin, is an online casino slot machine game. It features a five reel, twenty line play system, plus a well executed Arabian theme, strongly reminiscent of Aladdin. The player must make an initial bet, then spin the reels in hopes of creating matching sequences. These sequences, from left to right, will payout, depending on the icons matched.

The player may also select how many lines to bet on, with the higher the lines meaning more chances of winning, but also a larger up front bet. Don’t forget that some bonus and special feature icons mean major payouts if matched in a sequence.

Play for Free or to Win

Like blackjack at, this casino game can be played for free, or real money, as you prefer. If you wish to play for free, simply open the game in a web browser in order to receive free virtual currency. You may play for as long as wish using this free currency, and can simply restart the game to receive more. If you wish to play for real, please ensure you have an account on the website at which you wish to play, and ensure that funds are available.

If you wish to add funds, simply click the deposit link and follow the instructions. If you have questions about making a deposit, or any questions about the game, contact the customer support centre of the website on which you are playing.

Genies Touch Play Icons

Fitting with the theme, the icons are all based around characters from the well known Aladdin story. Some of them are a magic lamp, an Arabian princess, an Arabian prince, an evil magician, a good king, and more.

Unlike other slot machine games, Genies Touch does not use the symbols of playing cards, and instead uses a number of coloured gem stones. These stones, with colours ranging from blue to red, make up the majority of icons used, and have value based on their colour. Match any gem stone with itself at least three times to get a payout. Remember, however, that if the picture icons are matched it will mean a special bonus feature.

Genies Touch – Mega Magic Bonus Icons

The magic lamp icon is one you’ll be hoping to see as much as possible. If matched with itself at least three times, from left to right, it will trigger an animation featuring a beautiful female genie. The genie will transform the tiles around your matched icons into tiles that create the best possible winning sequence. This will always result in a big win.

There is also a wild tile, which can stand as a substitute for any tiles, except bonus tiles, in order to create winning sequences. You may, for example, get two blue gems plus a wild tile to create a matching sequence of three blue gems. The bonus tile, clearly indicated by the word bonus, will only match with itself. When matched, it will trigger a ten free spin sequence, with each win paying out more then normal. If more bonus matches are made during the free spin sequence, more free spins will be added to those already received.