Kronos Online Slot Basics and Guide

Kronos slot by Williams Interactive is set up with five reels and thirty paylines

Kronos, husband to Rhea and father of Hades, Demeter, Hera, Poseidon, Zeus, and Hestia was one of the leader of the 1st generation of Titans in Greek mythology. He was told by Uranus and Gaia that he would be overthrown by one of his offspring, so he devoured them all at birth. He feared this mutiny because he himself had overthrown his own father to rule his fellow Titans during the Golden Age of mythology.  The prophecy eventually came true when he was tricked into thinking he had eaten his newest born son Zeus but had actually been fed a rock. Zeus grew up to overthrow Kronos and free his brothers and sisters from their father’s belly. It is in this setting and time that Kronos slot is set, and the player can experience elements of this Greek mythology within the game.

The theme for Kronos slot borrows heavily from the myths of Greece. The background for the reel is a bright blue sky with puffy white clouds symbolising the realm in which the gods often tread. The reel itself is bordered in gold with an intricate gold pattern lining the sides of each line. At the bottom of the playing area, the player will find a gold plaque that displays the formula for their total bet which is the lines multiplied by the bet per line. It also shows their lines and their bet per lines which can be adjusted on screen. This golden plaque also displays their win.

Kronos Slot Reel Symbols

Reel symbols in Kronos slot are a mix of the same Greek mythology theme and traditional symbols that one might find in many other slots.

The symbols from Greek mythology include a golden throne with intricate markings sitting on top of a fluffy white cloud. The next symbol is an ornate snake bracelet with blue and purple gems adorning it. The next Greek mythology symbol is the winged horse Pegasus who was sired by Poseidon. Then there is a stone lion which acts as the wild and can be used in place of any other symbol but the scatter. The lion will only show up on reels two, three and four. Finally, there is a Greek temple and Kronos himself. Kronos is shown with long white hair, a white beard and white toga. He is portrayed as very muscular. He comes stacked and can be played from right to left or from left to right.

Other symbols include a purple a bright red heart, a purple club, a pink diamond and a bright blue spade.

Free Bonus Spins

The scatter symbol is a golden coin that is adorned with the letter K. Like in a lot of other pokies at, the scatter is used to get free spins for the player. If the player gets three of the scatter symbol, they will be rewarded with ten free spins. If the player gets four of the scatter symbol, they will be rewarded with twenty five free spins. If the player gets five of the scatter symbol, they will be rewarded with one hundred free spins.