Firestorm Slot at Online Casino

Play Firestorm Slot at Online Casino with Guide

Firestorm, created by QuickSpin studios, is an online slots game featuring professional graphics, amazing sound and a highly entertaining design. Upon beginning a game the player must make an initial bet, deciding to make a wager on one to twenty five lines. Betting on more lines requires a larger initial bet, but grants more chances to win. After the bet is placed the reels are spun, and if stopping with winning sequences showing, payouts are made.

If any bonus icons are matched, massive jackpot wins can be achieved. Note that this game can be played on mobile phone, desktop computer and tablet. You may also select to play for free or for real money. In order to play for real money please ensure that funds are available in your account, and that you are logged into the account.

Visuals and Sound Design

Firestorm features a classic hidden Aztec temple theme, which is expertly realised via the impressive visual design. Each tile has been lovingly created in high detail, which is great both for player emersion and because the tiles are easily identifiable on smaller mobile phone screens. A stunning background lends to the theme, transporting the player to a mysterious temple where great riches are waiting to be discovered. The sound design, best appreciated with headphones, is equally well created, featuring an interactive system that allows the music and sound to evolve and transform with each spin taken. All in all, Firestorm is clearly created by a team of experienced experts.

User Interface Quick Overview

As in different slots or iPhone pokies, see your current account balance at the bottom of the screen, as well as the bet per line, options button, and current bet window. The spin button is found in the bottom right, as well as the autoplay option. In order to use the autoplay feature, simply click the button and selectthe number of automatic spins you’d like.

Firestorm Online Slot User Interface

Standard Play Icons Used

Firestorm does away with the standard one to ten, plus jack, queen, king system, using instead a collection of jewels and gems. In order to win, simply match the gems with other identical gems, with some being of higher value then others. For a full explanation of the winning sequences, simply click the paytable button. Keep in mind that the special bonus icons, the Aztec mask and wild symbol, can be matched for amazing payouts.

Bonus Features and Big Wins

The mask symbol in Firestorm, prominently noticeable by the fiery animation that accompanies it, is one you will be hoping to see as much as possible. If matched with itself twice it triggers an instant second spin, which will automatically make any winning worth twice as much. If the first spin compounds with a second, the multiplier will grow, up to a maximum of a five times multiplier. The wild symbol, identifiable by the word wild and green gemstones, can match with any of the other gems to firm a winning sequence. It can, for example, sit as a substitute with to orange gems, making a winning sequence of three orange gems. Keep in mind, however, that the wild symbol may not match with the fiery mask.