Review of Burning Cherry HD Slot

Review of Burning Cherry HD Slot for Online Casino Players

Burning Cherry HD is a very basic slot game. The game harks back to the olden days of slots were the reels were mechanical and there were no such things as extras or wilds or bonus games or free spins. Burning Cherry HD does run over five reels and have a varied staking system that offers twenty five different staking options.

This gives the game enough variety to attract not only seasoned players, but some beginners too. Players can choose to play between one and five lines with a line bet of between 0.1 and 2.0.

Retro Graphics

Burning Cherry HD slots on the internet is designed to remind you of the 1980’s fruit machines and has the graphics to match. There is no intricate background to the reels, and the only real graphics are the actual fruit symbols. That being said, the symbols are designed in HD as the name suggests.

The colours are very bright and primaries rule. The reels are set in what looks like a fire place, but the background is blurred and definitely not in HD so it is difficult to tell. All the player information is set out at the bottom of the screen in easy to understand buttons, which will add to the appeal of the game for beginners. The soundtrack is a mix of different electro 80’s tracks that definitely suit the theme well.

Burning Cherry Slot Symbols

Fruit Machine Symbols

Opposite to some slots at, all of the symbols in Burning Cherry HD are taken from classic fruit machines. So we have all the old favourites such as lemons, grapes, Sevens and of course cherries. A nice touch to bring the slot onto the modern stage is that it does involve animation. When the symbols form a part of a winning combination, they burn up in a shower of sparks, alluding to the name.

Funnily enough the actual burning cherries are not the highest paying symbols in the game. These will pay out between 5 and 200 coins for three to five of them in a row. Lemons will award you with the same. Next up we have some unusual fruits in the shape of banana’s and peaches, which will pay out also up to 500 cons for five of them. Highest paying of the fruit symbols are the raspberries and pears which will give you up to 500 coins.  Top symbol in the game are the lucky horse shoes, which can award you with the slots standing jackpot of 5000 coins for five of them.

Burning Cherry HD Slot Scatter Symbol

The only thing even resembling a special feature is a Burning Star scatter symbol. They are found on all lines, and three to five of them from left to right will award you with a multiplier that is applied to your total bet. Five Stars can earn you multiplier of a pretty decent 50x, which if added to five lucky horse shoes could spell a very decent win. These stars also animate nicely and combust when forming a part of a winning line.