Review of Golden Ticket Slot

Review of Golden Ticket Online Casino Slot

Golden Ticket is an online slot machine game, created by Play N Go studios. It is most notable for its highly professional and unique visual design, combined with an immersive ambient sound design. The theme of the game is an old fashioned carnival, with the symbols of the game designed to reflect aspects of this well known setting. Each symbol is lovingly drawn by hand, and few games can boast as rich a spectacle for the player in terms of basic eye candy.

Plus, as the player progresses through the game one of the main characters appears on the right of the play area, fully animated and reacting to the events of the game. In terms of game play golden Ticket uses a five reel system, but functions with a design known as cascading tiles. This system, not often used in casino slot machines, adds another layer of interesting possibilities to the game. In order to play now, you may simply search for the game and open it via a standard internet browser, such as Google Chrome or Internet explorer. The game is also available on mobile phone and tablet.

Standard Play and Symbol Designs

The symbols in golden Ticket represent the carnival lifestyle, focused on three main characters. These are the strong man, the ring master, and the clown. The other symbols refer to these central characters, including the strong man’s weights, the ring master’s top hat, and the clown’s castanets. The ring master himself is the most valuable symbol in the game, with the strong man coming second and clown third.

As with all slot machine games, the symbols must be matched with each other in order for play outs to be made. Unlike other slot machine games, all the symbols fall from the top of the screen into the play area. If any symbols match, they explode, allows symbols above to fall down and take their place. This provides not only an interesting visual display, but also means that multiple matches are possible per round, if the new symbols create additional matches. The golden ticket symbol, recognisable as a ticket with words clearly displayed, will match with all other symbols to create matches.

Golden Ticket Slot Standard Play

Bonuses and Specials

The bonus system of Golden Ticket is as unique as the rest of the game. Like bonuses are screened in many online slots AU, before a round starts, the word bonus will briefly be displayed, behind the play symbols, from top to bottom. As matches are made and blocks disappear, the bonus has a chance of becoming exposed, assuming a number of matches occur consecutively. If the word bonus becomes fully exposed, a mini-game will trigger. This mini-game opens on a second screen, and is presented as a carnival game.

A number of new symbols appear, including a duck, a clown, a lion, a balloon, and more, each with a set value. The player is granted ten free spins, and must match as many of these new symbols as possible. The fee spins will generally be very lucrative, but do not have a chance to reset as in some other slot machine games.