Super 8 Slot Series from IGT

Super 8 Slot Series from IGT in Detail

Interactive Gaming Technology is a well-established name in the slot machine game – both online and in traditional land-based casinos. Within the developer’s offline portfolio, the Super 8 series of slot machines is especially popular with IGT fans.

There are two games in the Super 8 series – Super 8 Race and Super 8 Line. Both are unique nine-reel slots with eight paylines, which pay out vertically, horizontally, diagonally and if the symbols in the four corners match. In fact, aside from their themes and some other minor details, these two Super 8 slots are virtually identical.

Simple Super 8 Slot Themes

Both of the slots in the Super 8 series have rudimentary arcade-style themes to match their simple game play.

The Super 8 Line slot is the simplest, with a relatively non-descript fruit machine theme featuring the usual cherry, melon, orange, plum, and gold bar symbols. Super 8 Race, meanwhile, is a little less traditional, with a race car theme and a yellow 1980s sports car among the fruit symbols.

The design of the Super 8 Race slot also hints at its octane-fuelled theme with a chequered black-and-white frame around the screen, which is a mixture of white, bright blue, and turquoise. The Super 8 Line slot also has blue as its primary colour but does not have any additional unique theme elements.

Super 8 Line Slot - IGT

The Main Super 8 Attraction

Whether players are drawn more to Super 8 Race or Super 8 Line at online casino lucky nugget Canada, the main attraction is pretty much the same – the bonus round, in which the top prize of 10 000 coins is up for grabs.

  • Super 8 Race Turbo Mode

In Super 8 Race, the bonus round is referred to as Turbo Mode and is activated when four race car symbols appear on the reels in a diamond shape. The diamond shape is formed by race car symbols in the middle row on Reel 1, the top and bottom rows on Reel 2, and the middle row again on Reel 3.

In Super 8 Race Turbo Mode, players are awarded nine free spins, during which the sounds of revving engines and screeching tires can be heard. During this round, additional payouts occur for each race car that appears, although free spins cannot be re-triggered as in some other slots.

All the while, the All Fruit Bonus Meter can be seen on the screen as it accumulates one credit for every 36 credits played. Players can accumulate up to 100 000 credits but they are only paid out if they have wagered on all nine paylines and all fruit symbols appear in any combination.

  • Super 8 Line Fever Mode

Super 8 Line Fever Mode is much like Super 8 Race Turbo Mode. This bonus round is activated when five bells appear in a cross shape on the reels. The cross shape is formed by one bell each on the centre row of both the first and third reels, plus a full stack of bells on the middle reel.

As in Super 8 Race Turbo Mode, players are awarded nine free spins with the possibility of winning the 10 000 coin top jackpot. Unlike that in Super 8 Race, the Super 8 Line bonus round can be retriggered – but only once.

Super 8 Line Fever Mode also features the All Fruit Bonus Meter, which works in exactly the same way as the one in Super 8 Race Turbo Bonus Mode.