Kingdom Of The Titans Online Slot Guide for Players

Kingdom of the Titans slot by Williams Interactive offers the player five reels and thirty paylines.

Kingdom of Titans is a cartoon style online slots game with a comic book emphasis. The game utilises bright colours and strong comic characters to set an epic mood in this mythology based slot game.

Behind the reels, the player will see a striking blue background covered in very small mosaic tiles. In front of these tiles are two large, golden, Greek pillars. The pillars tie back to the mythology theme of this slot game. They are drawn in the same comic book style as the rest of the artwork. The reel itself is surrounded by a thin golden border with the various symbols on the reel being flanked by either an intricate golden pattern or a series of blue arrows pointing towards the bottom of the slot.

Easy to Navigate Interface

Beneath the reel, the player has is given additional information about the slot on a gold plaque with a blue design running along the bottom. This information includes lines, the players bet per line, and the total bet the player is making. There is also a box that indicates the player’s win as well as a blue button with a circular white arrow that the player uses to activate the spin.

At the top of the gold plaque, the player is given the formula for total bet. The player’s total bet is equal to the number of lines, which is thirty, and the amount the player had decided to bet per line. The player can also see their balance displayed at the top of the screen like in many casino slots at

Kingdom of the Titans Slot Symbols

The symbols in this game are taken from ancient Greece and Greek mythology. The first symbol is a Greek Titan with grey hair, a grey beard, a golden wreath around his head, and a gold tunic draped over his shoulder. The background for this symbol is outer space and the symbol is bordered by an intricate golden design. The second symbol is another Greek Titan. She has flowing orange hair and wears a gold crown with a red jewel in the centre. The next symbol is a gold legionnaire’s helmet with a red plume.

The next symbol on the reel is an ancient Greek vase with a man playing a musical instrument for a woman who is sitting and listening. The fifth symbol is a green wreath with blue arrows bordering the left side. The sixth symbol is a gladiator’s chest piece that’s made out of gold. The next symbol is a golden shield and sword. The shield has the reflection of the snake monster Medusa that was featured in Greek mythology. The eighth symbol is a brown harp with golden accents. The next symbol is a drawing of Mount Olympus, the supposed home of the gods. The next symbol is a stone carving of a man’s face. The final symbol is a wild and says “Kingdom of the Titans” on it.

Bonus Features

The player is awarded free spins in Kingdom of the Titans when they get at least 5 of the Mount Olympus scatter symbols. The more symbols the player gets, the more spins they are rewarded. If the player gets three mountain scatters, they’re given a re-spin.