A Look At Masters Betting Tips

2016 Masters Betting Tips

The Masters goes by a number of different names, including the US Masters, and the Masters Tournament. However, all names are referring to the one event, which is one of the four major championships that the top players aim for in the professional golfing world.

The Masters typically takes place in the first week of April each year, and is the first of the majors that takes place in the calendar year. Many websites cover details of this event leading up to its start, and many of these sites offer a range of Masters betting tips for punters to make use of. There are actually many punters that will only bet on this event, and so they keep an eye on the Masters betting tips as well as all the odds that go along with the bets. Of course there will be certain players that are the favorites to win. But golf is an interesting game, and as such even an outsider has the potential of winning the tournament each year. Every player will have different betting odds associated with them, and so punters have to carefully consider all of the odds.

While the Masters betting tips will give you an idea of which are the favorite players for each specific year, there are some factors about the tournament that remain the same. For instance, the Masters is held at the Augusta National Golf Club each year, which is actually technically a private golf club situated in Georgia, USA.

The Masters course was designed by Bobby Jones along with the course Architect, Alister MacKenzie. This tournament is actually an invitational event, and so only a certain number of players will be invited to take part each year. When looking for Masters betting tips, players will be able to find out which players are taking part in the 2016 event, and can then start figuring out a betting strategy.

The US Masters Betting Tips

The Masters betting tips that are available online come in a range of formats. Some of the tips will give inside information about a certain player, and about how they are expected to perform. Other tips might offer betting strategies, which could include betting on a number of different players, thus increasing the chances of at least one of the bets paying out. The tips will offer a variety of different strategies, but at the end of the day it is up to the punter to decide how they wish to go about it.

US Masters Traditions

One of the much loved traditions about the US Masters is that the winner of the event is awarded a green jacket. This jacket is a firm favorite amongst players, and many young golfers dream of one day receiving one of the these special jackets. Interestingly, the player has to return it to the clubhouse, where it is kept in a specifically designed cloakroom. Only first time winners or the current reigning champion is normally able to remove the jacket from the cloakroom. This is certainly one of the best traditions about this specific tournament.