Overview of Elements Online Slot

Overview of Elements Online Slot for Casino Players

Perhaps years into the future man will venture deep into the confines of space time and discover that we are not alone and the beauty of other habitable world but for now we must content ourselves with projections and imaginings of such a time and endeavour through the use of themed portrayals. An example of this is the Elements online slot game from NetEnt which explores this same theme, venturing players into space on a thematic and well-designed adventure. Overall this comes across on the screen quite well and with some decent graphics making it another entertaining option from this well versed developer.

The theme is definitely an interesting one but in this Elements slot game so is the gameplay involved as NetEnt have included some rather unique experiences in this regard. First off players will find 5 reels in this slot, or what seems to be reels, as instead of spinning the symbols on these reels rather drop in and out of screen, in an avalanche like feature. Add to this a medley of betting at hand and players can certainly find some entertainment on the screen in this game. There are even a few fun and themed bonus features to discover with this Elements slot game online.

This Slot’s Theme Truth is Out There

The theme of space and alien lifeforms has certainly graced the reels of slot gaming before and, especially with the current heading of humanity, will likely be the last. This Elements theme takes on a rather unique approach to the whole idea of extraterrestrials in that it focuses on the core essences that create these other worldly lifeforms. This is all done with bright and varied colour choices that really illuminate the reels of this slot game from NetEnt. The backdrop displays a rather grim and underdeveloped spot of land, barren and intimidating, clearly fostering only the very beginning of life on this distant planet.

Elements The Awakening Slot from NetEnt

With such a theme the developers of Elements slot could certainly ply around with a couple of the aspects involved, not being tied down by any facts or fixed ideas pertaining to this theme. This is most evidently seen in the symbols placed on the reels. These symbols are separated into two parts really, the base elements of which the lifeforms from this planet are made and the basic lifeforms themselves. Comparing to the functions of keno online AU, these symbols come in a variety of colours and with some fun and detailed animations.

The Spaced Out Bonuses in Elements Slot

Even a bizarre and exciting theme such as this Elements one deserves a few bonus feature somewhere along the way and with a developer like NetEnt this was almost inevitable. The first of these feature to cover is the avalanche reels that drop the symbols in from above and do so whenever a winning combination forms on the screen in this type of gambling. Add to this a Wild symbol and this avalanche may just keep tumbling, up to a maximum of 4. This is where things get interesting in that if players trigger the reels 4 times they can then effect 4 accounts of free spins, or falls in this Elements slot’s case. These allow for various themed modes which accentuates winning as well as the theme.