Cool Cash Online Slot Game Reviewed

Cool Cash Is a Cool Game

Cool Cash is a five reel, twenty pay line game by Novomatic, with features including the Auto Play, bonus rounds, scatter symbols and Wild Symbols.

The action in the game of Cool Cash takes place in a land with an Arctic background, perhaps the North Pole. The landscape an icy, snow filled place, with a few trees just managing to appear through the snow.  An attractive feature of the game is the reels giving the impression of being frozen as well. They seem to have a border of ice, but the reels are transparent and allow the player to see through them to the image behind. The symbols are of Arctic animals, with polar bears, penguins and whales. There seem to be a few Eskimo symbols as well, to further the impression of Cool Cash taking place in a very cool environment. There are also the standard symbols of playing cards, from 10 through to Ace.

The player can bet only one coin on each line, but the player also has the option of changing the value if he needs to do this. The range of value is between 0.01 to 25 coins. If the player has a wager on the game of the maximum of 25 coins, and their value, he can place a bet of 500 coins on Cool Cash.  This can award the player with a potentially large payout of up to 12,500 coins.

The Wild Can Be an Important Element In The Game

The Wild Symbol is very important in this slots game. As with most Wild symbols in slots games, the Wild can substitute for any of the other symbols, leading to more opportunities of a win. The Wild does not have this substitution option, however, with other symbols that may have additional roles to play, like the Penguin, Whale and Eskimo symbols. The Wild symbol will allow the player to cross over multiple pay lines, and this will give him more winning lines, and may also award the player with the top jackpot in Cool Cash.

Intriguing Bonus Features

The Penguin symbol gives the player access to a bonus round called Pick a Penguin. The player has only to click on one of the appearing penguins to win a handy prize. In order to trigger this bonus feature, however, he has to have found three, four or five penguins on one of the reels.

When the Whale symbol appears on any of the three middle reels of the game, it will activate a bonus round called a Whale of a Time. This allows the player to make a choice of the whales offered, and the value of the prize will depend on his choice.

The final bonus feature that the player can access in Cool Cash, is called Frozen Fishing. This requires that the player will find three, four or five Eskimo symbols on the reels. They can be in any position on the reels. During this bonus feature, the Eskimo sits in a boat and attempts to catch fish. He does keep taking fish out of the water, and the value of the prizes awarded to the players will depend on the size of the fish caught. The game of Cool Cash ends when the Eskimo’s attempt at fishing becomes unsuccessful, and no more fish appear.

With all its great features, Cool Cash has also a useful AutoPlay function.