Lottomatica teams with Net Entertainment

Italians have reasons to celebrate as Lottomatica teams with Net Entertainment in a deal brokered to ensure that players from that part of Europe now have the same access to this game developer’s offerings as the rest of the world does. All of Net Entertainment’s online casino games will soon be at Lottomatica for Italian players to participate in, as this major operator partners up with Italy’s premier game provider.

Net Entertainment Games Now Available

As Lottomatica teams with Net Entertainment to provide more games to more people, a wide range of casino games will be available to the regulated Italian sites of Lottomatica.It and Totosi.It. The Lottomatica company is one fully owned by GTECH S.p.A, which is itself part of the World Lottery Association, or WLA, and widely recognised as a market leader for the gaming industry in Italy, as well as being one of the single largest lottery operators in the world

Net Entertainment’s Top Casino Games

As far as online casino game players are concerned, Net Entertainment is one of the foremost providers of quality casino games on the internet. This company makes sure it delivers a mix of excitement, action, significant real money rewards, top of the line graphics and first-class special effects, and as a result, their games are often the first choice for gamblers worldwide. As Lottomatica teams with Net Entertainment, Italian players are now able to join the ranks of players who make Net Entertainment games their top priority to play online.

Net Entertainment online casino game developers is widely seen as one of the pioneering companies as far as online gambling is concerned, and was founded back in 1996 by a leading Scandinavian offline casino operator. They offer a wide range of products connected with the world of online casinos, and many of the top gambling websites in the world make use of them.

Lottomatica teams with Net Entertainment to allow players to find games in a wide variety of styles and based on a diverse array of themes, and do not require players to make real money bets until they are sure they have found what they are looking for. Players are able to make use of free and demo versions of their games in order to test the gameplay, and need only deposit money when they are reasonably certain they will be able to win any of the wagers they may make.

This company is listed at Stockholm’s NASDAQ OMS, and its share prices are steadily growing, and, as Lottomatica teams with Net Entertainment, this state of affairs is set to continue apace.

The fact that Net Entertainment does not have any casino operation of its own to worry about means that not only will it never face any conflict of interest with its customers, its employees can put all their focus on maintaining the standard of online casino games online players have come to expect and rely on. The rich graphics; interesting, innovative bonus games; first-rate animations and many ground-breaking features and functions they deliver are set to become even more highly recommended as Lottomatica teams with Net Entertainment.