We Explore Why Online Darts Betting is so Popular

One of the most attractive features of darts, as a sport, is the fact that the game is so intrinsically linked to wagering. Even from its origins as a pub game, where drinks were put on the outcome of the game, darts has been associated with betting. This is probably the main reason for the popularity, now, of online darts betting.

There is a major international darts tournament itinerary and world circuit of players and professionals that play the game to sold-out studio audiences and a huge television following. The top players, such as Phil “The Power” Taylor, who is the leading world championships winner of all time, have an enormous fan following. This level of darts play has generated a considerable online darts betting industry, with the tournaments sponsored by the top bookmaking companies.

The Aim in a Game of Darts

The objective of a game of darts is to score 501 points faster than your opponent. Players start and finish their scoring by hitting a double. This is the narrow band of different colour at the outer edge of each number that scores double that number.

Top international players need to make each and every dart count, and technically the round can be won using only 9 darts. This makes for an electrifying contest that lends itself to TV. And therefore also to wagering.

Online darts betting offers punters the opportunity to place wagers on numerous aspects of a darts game and on both league and international matches. The major tournaments are obviously the most popular times to wager on darts, however, many countries have an active darts league and so online darts betting is generally available all year round, and punters will easily find online sports books providing plenty of options.

Wagering on Darts Play

Wagering on these events and contests is almost entirely done online, and players have a broad range of wagering options, such as the winner of individual matches, the winners of the whole tournament, highest finishes and even the number of darts used to close out the game. And all this can be done from the comfort of either a couch, car or bus.

Most people have played this social and well-known game. Knowledge of the rules and regulations is therefore extremely widespread, lending itself perfectly to broad-based wagering. Television viewership rates also indicate just how much people love a good darts match.

Sports Betting Site Quality

Sports books, sports betting apps and top quality sports betting sites have become the online norm with many options for Australia and other regions around the world. The cater for many different sports and wagering options, in an environment that is high in quality, competitive with pay-out rates, and extremely safe to deal with.

Punters are able to select their favourite sports and if that is darts, will find online sports betting sites catering expressly for darts. These sports books are highly competitive, and will regularly offer incentives such as bonuses and prizes in order to attract the volumes of eager punters.

Therefore the excitement and close competition of the online darts betting world is really close at hand. An opportunity to make some good money with darts knowledge, intuition and judgement.