Neon Staxx Slot Guide for Players Online

Everyone dreaming of the far future, always pictures it to be bright and vivid. Net Entertainment has developed a video slot called Neon Staxx and it takes you to the there.

Neon Staxx not only takes you on a journey to the vivid future, but on the way you also stand a chance to win amazing prizes and experience the bonus features of this slot.

Neon Staxx Betting Options

This 20 payline slot has 60 different ways to combine bet levels and bet values, catering for the whole spectrum of players wanting to play Neon Staxx at online casino. Players can select any amount of paylines between 1 and 10, and betting values per payline between 1c and 50c. This slot allows a maximum spin bet of 100 coins, and a minimum spin bet of 20c. The Neon Staxx slot also comes standard with a maximum bet option, where players can immediately bet the maximum amount, without the hassle of manually selecting to do so.

Players must remember to view the paytable if they are interested in seeing what different winning combinations are available, as well as their corresponding payouts.

Neon Staxx Symbols

When you embark on this futuristic journey, you will experience a city filled with skyscrapers of neon blue and pink, with lightning bolts flashing in the sky. The symbols of the Neon Staxx slot are represented by a lion, a tiger birds, playing card symbols and snakes, all portrayed in a futuristic design.

Neon Staxx offers players 60 different betting combinations, and caters for the players with a shoestring budget, right up to the high rollers. The minimum bet kicks off from as little as 20c.

Neon Staxx is a 4 by 5 reel slot with 20 paylines.

Futuristic Prizes

Neon Staxx does not only look futuristic on face value, but also has prizes in store that will make your jaw fall open. If you secure 3 to 5 of the matching playing card symbols, you will have won 4 to 25 coins. The snake symbols pay out a maximum of 40 coins, the eagles are worth a maximum of 50 coins, the tigers yield up to 75 coins and the lions are the leaders of the pack with 100 coins up for the taking.

The 2 bonus symbols of the Neon Staxx slot also give it a bit of a twist. The Wild symbol serves a dual purpose, in the sense that it awards instant cash prizes when more than one Wild gets triggered on a reel, as well as the Wild having the power to take the place of other symbols on the reels so winning combinations can be completed.

Like in similar machines that are available to play today, the Scatter of the Neon Staxx slot activates the free spin interface. In this screen 3 Scatter symbols will yield 10 free spins, 4 symbols will secure 15 free spins and a grand total of 5 Scatters will bring home 20 free spins.

The most impressive feature of the Neon Staxx slot is the Super Staxx feature, worth over 1000 coins. This feature activates randomly during the course of play and Predator symbols will spin onto the reels resulting in many lines paying out simultaneously.